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Woodworx Marimbas is an African Marimba Company, specialising in teaching students to perform on the African Marimba, performing as a professional marimba band and manufacturing instruments and mallets.

Performances include those at weddings, corporate functions and events, birthday celebrations, cocktail functions, specialised feature performances and more. The band performs a combination of traditional African music, as well as Africanised Jazz Standards and pop songs with an African twist. For more information on performances, particularly costs and how to book the band, please click here or follow the link above under "Services Rendered".

We also teach marimba bands at schools ranging from Constantia to Parklands and host an annual marimba festival, whereby some of our top school bands get the opportunity to perform for an audience of over 600 people - a feat that many people can only dream of. Marimbas are not only cultural outlets for the learners, but also beneficial in both an educational and personal manner - teaching learners how to work together in a team as well as exercising both the left and right brain whilst playing. For more information on tuition, and to find out how to get this started at your school, please click here or follow the link above under "Services Rendered".

Finally we also build the instruments ourselves and manufacture the mallets required to play on them. Repairs can quickly and easily be done to the instruments as well, thus ensuring they can stay in a performable state at all times. For more information on Manufacturing, please click here or follow the link above under "Services Rendered".

We believe that through marimba tuition and performing we can make a difference in the lives of both children and adults alike, giving them an energetic and vibrant African Music experience to remind them about one of the many wonderful things our country and heritage has to offer. We also support outreach bands and projects which take children from townships and under-privlidged communities by providing them with a creative outlet in which to develop and have fun whilst doing so. Hence our slogan "Play it Forward" was born.