Woodworx Marimbas was officially started in 2013 by Grant Adams, who has been teaching marimbas for over six years and performing in a professional marimba band for over eight years. His performances include performing for US President Barak Obama, UCT Graduations, Kirstenbosch Carols by Candlelight, Madcon and many more. Grant had been previously teaching and performing through another company before deciding to venture out and start Woodworx Marimbas.
Our slogan, "Play it Forward" represents what we hope to achieve with Woodworx Marimbas, whereby bands would be taught how to teach, in order to start up junior bands at their schools or in their communities, as well as how to perform in their own capacity so as to use this as a means to bring in some income whilst at school and studying. Eventually we would like to incorporate an 'adopt a band' strategy, focussing on businesses to act on their corporate social responsibility by sponsoring instruments and lessons for more bands in underprivlidged communities and schools.
We currently teach at many schools within Cape Town and surrounds; such as Pinelands, Rustenberg, Bishops, Reddam Constantia, Herschel, Edgemead, Parklands, Ned Doman and Mannenberg amongst others.

Grant currently does the majority of the teaching and leads many of the performances. He is studying towards a Psychology degree through Unisa which he aims to combine with marimba tuition going forward as we expand on the outreach of Woodworx Marimbas.