Marimbas are group instrument, and students learn to play in a band of up to seven or eight members, if not more, should more instruments be available.

We currently provide marimba tuition to schools throughout Cape Town, ranging from Parklands to Constantia.

The standard set up consists of one Alto, Soprano, Tenor and Bass marimba, as well as a djembe drum. Students normally swap marimbas between songs, allowing them to become multi-instrumentalists playing melodies, the bass line, or the chords filling out the song.

Not only does tuition teach learners cognitive skills, hand-eye coordination and relying on memory, muscle memory and natural rhythm, it also teaches them how to work in a group enabling them to perform together in a professional and synchronised manner.

To find out how to arrange marimba tuition at your school, please send us an email and we shall reply with our rates, availability and other relevant information.